Our Core Values

At A&P, we provide a Fast, Innovative and Fun environment for our associates and customers alike. Our mission is to make every associate and customer feel Welcome, Important and Appreciated, which paves the way for a positive work atmosphere at our corporate headquarters and an inviting shopping experience in our stores. Our mission is at the root of everything we do, defining our core values and guiding how we operate as individuals and as a company.

Think Customers First

  • Customers are the reason we're in business. So, we set priorities based on the question: "How will this better serve them?"
  • We serve two kinds of customers: internal (our fellow associates) and external (our shoppers, vendors and business partners). We serve both groups with equal passion.

Dignity and Respect

  • We see and value the uniqueness of every customer and associate and believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • When we interact with customers, we make them feel Welcome, Important, and Appreciated.

Talent Investment

  • We believe that when you build up the people, they will build the business. Therefore, we choose to invest in our associates by continually providing opportunities for development and growth.
  • A&P encourages its associates to continually seek out fresh ideas and approaches. We are a culture of "responsible learners," identifying our skill gaps and filling them in with self-learning.


  • People want to do business with those they can trust. To earn that trust, we are true to our word and keep our promises.
  •  We are committed to being upstanding corporate citizens in the communities we serve.


  • Each of us makes a daily contribution to the success of our company. In that sense, we are all owners.
  • We show pride in our ownership by taking responsibility for all aspects of our work. We follow through completely and measure our results.


  • We work as a team, because while any individual idea or effort may be great, collaboration will only make it better.
  • The most important job of any manager is to develop people to be experts and leaders themselves. This is how we build strong teams.


  • We stay connected to the community through charitable giving and service.
  • Sustainability guides our long-range planning. We make business decisions that are designed to help our company prosper for another 150 years.